It's getting pretty close to being rebuilt. At least it looks kind of close.

Arthur's Barn burned down last October and from the looks of it, it might be coming back sooner than we thought. They just got the roof on so it's pretty close.

The goal is to have it by the 26th of October when Silverado will take the stage.  That would be the one year anniversary of the fire and would be a nice touch if it would happen.

According to resident socialite Brad from Lincoln,

The barn is ahead of schedule and hopefully, it will make the deadline.

I've had so many good times there dancing with strange women and drinking blue Dolphins (a Bismarck Drink).

Arthur North Dakota hasn't been the same since the Barn Burned down last year, so just the thought of it coming back has to be a shot in the arm for the town that has been missing entertainment all this time. 

Can't wait to start line dancing!



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