Take a look at the calendar and you will see that it's almost time for school once again.   Walk into some the big box stores and you will see aisles filled with school supplies.  As a little girl, a few years ago or so, it was fun to get new pencils and crayons.  I always wanted the big box of 64 crayons with the built in sharpener, but I didn't get it.

Now schools have specific lists of supplies needed for each grade.  Times have certainly changed from when I was in school.  This is what is required of a kindergartener attending Moses Elementary School in Bismarck.


  • Backpack 
  • Facial tissue - 1 box 
  • Pencil box 
  • Broad-tipped classic colored markers - 10 count 
  • Crayons - 24 count 
  • White school glue - 1 bottle
  • Glue sticks - 10 count
  • Scissors – 1 pair 
  • Plain folders, 3-prong w/pockets – 2 
  • Composition notebook – 2
  • Thin black dry erase markers -2 Fine point black sharpie markers – 1 

*Please only bring supplies listed* 

Wachter Junior High students need  different supplies.

8th Grade General Supplies – all students should have these supplies

: 3 ring binder – 3 inch (No trapper keepers or zip tab) (REQUIRED)

8 tap dividers for binder (REQUIRED)

Colored pencils

#2 lead pencils (enough to last the school year)


Black fine tipped felt pen

Backpack (Transport 1:1 computers during school and home)

Loose-leaf paper (3 packs)

Spiral Notebook (2)

Pens – either black or blue ink

Scientific Calculator

Earbuds or Headphones (cheap)

Kleenex (3 boxes)

Water bottle (clear)

Dry Erase Markers - Black (8-10)

For all students: BPS “Fitness” shirt for PE ($5), tennis shoes with laces (not slip on), shorts or sweatpants, sweatshirt for outside and deodorant.

It can get expensive for a family to get the required supplies not to mention clothes and shoes for school. .There are programs to help, you just need to reach out to your child's school.

I hope we have a great, uneventful school year this year.



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