This is a tough weekend for me, always brings back memories of my mom

I've told myself the last few days to not write about how I feel, but I decided about an hour ago that my wish is for those that may read this, to be with your loved ones this weekend. You see, Easter was my mom's favorite, to this day I really don't know why. Maybe because to me this special day embodies family and love. Easter Sunday is a traditional Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I think of my family years ago when as a kid

My sister and I would receive an Easter basket filled with jelly beans, chocolate, and all the colorful Crinkle Grass that would still be on the living room carpet weeks later. My mom would do anything for anybody - I remember watching her scoop up bees out of our pool in hopes of saving them from drowning - many times getting stung in the process. Waking up on Easter morning with her in the kitchen cooking breakfast, with a big old smile. These are memories that will always stay with me. I felt safe and loved, and she made sure that we recognized that day - it was her favorite.

Whatever your "Higher Power" is, it's a special weekend to count your blessings and give thanks. I'm grateful for so many great people I've met since living in North Dakota for the last seven years - those that know me have reached out and invited me to share the day with their family, and that means everything. The old phrase "Life is short" is unfortunately so true - For I would give anything to sit down with my mom again, on an Easter Sunday.


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