Boxelder bugs are the nicest fellas in the world. Why do you hate them?

Boxelder Bugs

So you're enjoying a warm and sunny autumn afternoon until- out come the BOXELDER BUGS! What is their deal and why do they love hanging on the walls outside your house basking in the sun? And, where were they before? Well, Varment Guard has the scoop...

Boxelders are actually consistently present starting in mid-spring. You just don’t see them because they’re too busy feeding to come bother you. When fall comes around, however, boxelders get bold as they look for a warm place to stay. Those groups of bugs grouped around your windows and doors are trying to make their way inside where they can sleep without fear of freezing.

They're just looking for a warm place to camp for the winter. They're mostly harmless, so why do you hate them so much? Do you hate ladybugs as well?

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No, you don' all.

If it's OK with you, boxelder bugs would like to hide in your house.

Ok, boxelder bugs, let's work on your public relations.

 They don’t do structural damage, they’re not aggressive or dangerous, they don’t reproduce indoors, and they don’t infest food sources or clothing. In fact, boxelders generally leave the homes they slept in once winter is over! 

Apparently, according to this link, if you suck them up with a vacuum cleaner you should be fine unless they crawl dump contents immediately. It's crawling with angry boxelder bugs.

Here's the part boxelder haters don't want to hear but should hear...


You’re probably afraid of this, so we should just come right out and say it. Yes, it’s possible the box elders are sheltering in your home this winter. The box elders inside your home this winter have likely crammed themselves into places you’d never find them

So, they're hiding in your crevices and sometimes come crawling out on a warm winter day. But, so do ladybugs right? They pop up at the weirdest time too, but we think we're "lucky" to find a winter ladybug.


When I was a kid, during some years on the way to school, there were boxelder bugs crawling on trees in the afternoon sunshine.  You could literally pick them up by the handful.  That said, here's a website that tries to help you get them out of your house.

The first thing you should do to prevent boxelders is to investigate where they are now. Find the groups clumped up on your windows and doors and shoo them away with a vacuum or soapy water. 

I like them, because, just when we think we're going into our fall/winter cocoons, THESE GUYS come out to celebrate the final warm days of the season!  We oughta be happy to see them!

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