A former Bismarck High School student will appear on the popular TV game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? on Friday (Feb 12).

Ian Ridenhour, 15, music prodigy and already a BHS graduate, will compete on Millionaire against other young players, in what is only the latest in an impressive list of accomplishments.

Most kids Ridenhour's age are just getting started in high school, but Ridenhour has already graduated. An aspiring musician, the BHS alum has also released a rock album, and is living in North Carolina, working on his second.

But Ridenhour, while accomplished beyond his years, is anything but jaded, explaining excitedly:

It's just a really, really sudden thing that I wasn't expecting, and it was really exciting and a great honor to be able to play. I was really nervous walking on and some of that disappeared as I played but it was still very nerve-racking the whole time. It was really cool meeting all the other kids and hanging out backstage and getting to know people, and the show itself was very cool; it was a really new experience.

Ridenhour's album, Quietly Making Noise, can be found on the musician's website, IanRidenhour.com. You can catch him on Millionaire at 4 p.m. CT, February 12 on NBC.

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