Tuesday, House Bill 1434, which would give health insurance coverage in North Dakota for children with autism failed to reach the number of votes it needs to pass, but just barely.

The bill needed to reach a threshold of 48 votes to pass. It received 47. Because of the close vote count, there's a good chance the bill will be reconsidered on Wednesday.

Bills can be reintroduced on the floor at the North Dakota House, should a lawmaker change their mind on the vote within a 24-hour period. You may recall this happened for the bill against the state's "blue laws" when they were eventually repealed, upon reconsideration.

The bill would cover a therapy for children with autism that would help them perform day-to-day functions, known as Applied Behavior Analysis. The coverage would be expanded to cover this, should the bill pass. North Dakota is currently one of only five states in the U.S. without this type of health insurance.

Source: KFYR

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