We've actually been getting some much needed moisture in Bismarck Mandan the last couple of evenings.  Certainly not enough to change our drought situation, but enough to settle the dust and fire danger.

As I mentioned yesterday, much colder air is going to come pouring into North Dakota starting today.  We have a Wind Advisory in effect for today, with very, very strong northwest winds 25-35 with gusts up to 55 mph.  That will usher in some very  cold temperatures.  Overnight lows are expected to be below freezing for much of the rest of October.  Lows in the 20's and High's in the 40's will be common for the rest of the month.  With overnight lows that cold, there's always a chance that any precipitation could be of the "frozen" variety.  That could be the case this weekend.

We've been hearing and seeing different weather agencies mentioning the chance of snow for Bismarck Mandan this weekend.  The timing at the time of this article, now looks like our best chance will be Friday evening into Saturday morning.  Rain is expected to develop over the area on Friday evening.  As temps cool into the low 30's on the overnight, there is a chance we will see some snow, that could linger into Saturday morning according to the National Weather Service.  Will this be measurable snow?  It doesn't appear likely at this time.  The track for measurable snow appears to be to the northeast of Burleigh County and tracking to the east towards Grand Forks.  As of right now, that area appears to be your best bet for measurable snow.  Keep in mind, a difference in temperature a degree or two could shift the snow line.  So hold your cards.  We're not out of the woods yet in Bismarck Mandan.



Check out these expected highs in Bismarck Mandan this weekend. 39 on Saturday and only 34 on Sunday. I said high's, not low's. Very windy this weekend as well, to add insult to injury. Yikes, grab your Winter jackets.

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