To me, it seems a very short time. I arrived here in Mandan/Bismarck in 2001, so this fit right in my time frame in the area. I've lived for long stretches in both cities and love 'em both for a variety of reasons.

I'm shooting out of the box on the most obvious of the changes in the Bis/Man area over the last 20 years...


O'boy, that was a big one...2003, Mandan was getting tired of being the end of the road for exotic dancers from across the country. These ladies landed in Mandan and thought- you know what? I think I like it here!  (It is a nice place)  Many were staying; and that may have been the tipping point. I've been at a Mandan grocery store at 10 AM on a Saturday morning with girls in their go-go boots buying groceries among the gray hairs.

Oh, no!

I think the community just got tired of it. They had three "girls clubs" open, and I believe proposing a fourth. The City of Mandan just protests these ladies straight outta town. Big change. I'm just sayin'...

My lovely Brenda chimed in with some prime Bismarck/Mandan traditions.  We hope you like the list...but more importantly, We hope you add your own thoughts to it!

Bonanza didn't make the list because The Great American Steak Buffet is on there. But, I have never run across a more polite and helpful group of teens working in one place ever!  Bonanza, great ownership and management I'm sure.

Let's start the list.

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