For the third year in a row, the 'Best Craft Beer Bar' in North Dakota is still a three hour drive away. What gives, Bismarck bars? It's time to step your game up.

The only German-themed bar in Fargo is once again taking the title of 'Best Craft Beer Bar' in North Dakota. Wurst Bier Hall has defended its title. The technical name of the award is the '2018 Greater American Beer Bar' in case you're looking to engrave a trophy for those guys.

Wurst Bier Hall contains 41 draught lines and a hefty beer menu that includes "Das Boot," which involves a list of rules that need to be followed. There are also roughly 15 to 20 bottled and/or canned beers on hand. Not to mention, a variety of German foods. And as they stick with tradition, Wurst Bier Hall celebrates Maifest as well as a three-weekend-long Oktoberfest that locals love in Fargo.

But what about us, Bismarck? For three straight years, these guys have owned the title of 'Best Craft Beer Bar' in North Dakota. Are we just going to sit back, drink, and take that? We know there's a selection of Craft Beer Bars in Bismarck and even more are being added in the near future. So isn't it about time we pull a Philadelphia Eagles and dethrone this dynasty in Fargo from its title?

Frankly, if you're any bar in Bismarck-Mandan, I love you more than you know, but how about we bring the '2019 Greater American Beer Bar' here. What do you say, Bismarck-Mandan? Hopefully, your response is as such...

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