Fill your gas tank today? Or wait to see how low it's gonna go!

I saw this headline- "Gasoline prices hit 16 year low"  and I thought I might learn a little something by reading it.  Well, I learned that Bismarck/Mandan is KILLING IT on low gas prices. According to that story, gas prices have been declining since the first of October when the statewide average was $2.07 a gallon.  It also mentions the statewide average will drop below two bucks sometime this week.

In Bismarck/Mandan that time is now! I look across the street from our studios on The Strip and I see it's $1.95 at the Memorial Cenex.  According to, it's actually just $1.89 at little farther east at the Cenex in Sterling.  But from what I can see, $1.95 is pretty standard across BisMan.

Looks like Minot's at $1.99, Bismarck's at $1.95, and Fargo sneaking in at $1.89.

So what about $1.68 a gallon I advertised in the headline?  Well, according to Gas Buddy, at the time of this writing, that's the price per gallon at Bismarck's Sam's Club with Costco just a penny behind.  But you have to be a member to get the deal.  So let's stick with public pumps.

I really don't care about the price of gas.  I drive a fairly economic vehicle and live only about a mile from work. So, I'm not burning through a bunch of fuel. But, I've known plenty of people that will travel ten miles to save a nickel a gallon. I think it makes them feel like they're not getting pumped at the pump.

So how low will gas prices go?  Pretty low I bet when nobody goes home for Thanksgiving.

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