...when we literally spent almost every weekend at Kmart

That was our "go-to" store for almost anything and everything we needed. The first thing that always comes to my mind is that most people chose to shop there because of the obvious low prices. This convenient place wasn't just confined to Bismarck, North Dakota, this was once a giant corporation that had easily over 2,000 stores across the country. There now sits three.

A dark day in early 2020

After 50 years of service here in Bismarck, Kmart had made the decision to close its doors for good. According to kxnet.com "Just days after the announcement that Minot’s Kmart was up for lease, Transform Holdco LLC (Transformco) announced Bismarck’s Kmart will close by February 2020" -Literally, a blink of an eye later a vacant building stood there on State Street. We never know how much we miss something until it's gone and of course, Bismarck is not the only city to feel the loss. There is a store in New Jersey that is scheduled to close this Saturday.

In reality, most people have moved on from losing their favorite store, the competition is just way too fierce

With easy access to shopping online these days, it's not too surprising to see places like Kmart closing, usatoday.com said it best "the number of Kmarts in the U.S. – once well over 2,000 –will be down to three in the continental U.S. and a handful of stores elsewhere, according to multiple reports, in a retail world now dominated by Walmart, Target and Amazon"

Life does go on

True, but it still stings a little when we drive by 2625 State St.


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