I thought I saw something truly NOT normal last summer

I still never got a logical answer to what it was, but what happened in Watertown South Dakota the other night blew away my experience a million times over. First of all, here is the picture I took of the strange appearance of a funnel shooting up straight at a full moon. I was smoking a cigar out on my patio on the second floor of my apartment ( no that was not smoke from my stogie )  - what do YOU think this is?


If you were traveling about 300 miles away from Bismarck, North Dakota last Thursday, you may have seen this

In the sleepy hour just past 3:00 am in Watertown, South Dakota, I can't imagine there wasn't anything going on, I can almost guarantee you that there wasn't a Watertown smoking a cigar out on his 2nd-floor deck ( well you never know, right? ) - according to kxnet.com  "The dark night sky turned bright blue in a video captured by the Watertown Police Department. Police posted a time-lapse video from 3:12 a.m. Thursday which appears to show a meteor light up the sky"  Check it out:

Watertown SD Police Department Facebook

 Here is what the Watertown SD Police Department posted on their Facebook page

"Our downtown camera captured something in the sky above Watertown this morning at 3:12 am. Meteorite, space junk, first contact?  Regardless, there has been a warrant issued for excessive speed ."

By the way, this was not confirmed if it WAS a meteor. Kxnet.com reported that "Kari Fleegel, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Aberdeen, told KELOLAND News no one is quite sure what shows up in the video. She said it did not show up on radar or satellite imagery"   Who knows, maybe there are now aliens living in Watertown, SD.

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