Tuesday night, at Wachter Middle School, about 50 people, including Bismarck School Board members and school administrators met for the first of three meetings about the idea of expanding to accommodate for the surplus of students.

Overall, a total of 92 new students have enrolled at Bismarck Public Schools since Christmas Break. The school board hopes to expand the schools without increasing the debt from the previous year.

At Bismarck High School, a new auditorium is needed. At Wachter Middle School, 15 new class rooms are needed, as well as a new orchestra room.

The expansion for the middle and high schools will be voted on by Bismarck residents in March. There will be two more informational sessions held within the next week. The first will come Thursday night at Horizon Middle School, the next, at Simle Middle School on Tuesday, January 24.

Source: KFYR

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