Yesterday, the Bismarck City Commission approved the re-zoning of 35 acres of land north of future Legacy High School.

The land was re-zoned so that IRET Properties could build a 950-unit apartment complex. The land that was re-zoned is located between 43rd Avenue Northeast and Calgary Avenue, Nebraska Drive and Minnesota Drive.

This will allow for 14 building to be built, each containing 40-92 units a piece. This will also allow for the addition of a community center, fitness center, conference room, indoor/outdoor pool, recreation fields/courts, and walking trails. No building may be higher than 75ft. tall.

Residents in the area expressed concerned over increased traffic in the area. After a study, the Commission decided that the area could handle the extra traffic, and that most traffic would not fall on the smaller residential street. There is also an expansion of 43rd Ave that would take it to 5 lanes.

The new complex is expected to take 3-5 years to complete.



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