The city's engineers are looking into the possibilities of changing four heavy traffic two lane streets in Bismarck to three lanes.

According to KFYR, city engineer Gabe Schnell says recent ongoing studies since 2013 have identified four two lane roads throughout the city of Bismarck that could use a middle turn lane. The roads are Washington Street, Divide Avenue, 4th Street, and 19th Street.

A public input meeting will be held regarding the project in the City County building next Wednesday (May 16th) at 5:30 p.m.

While we await more info regarding that project, this past Tuesday night, an ordinance was passed that will allow for drivers to be cited by law enforcement for failure to maintain control. The ordinance passed falls in line with the current state law that allows for distracted drivers to issued citations by law enforcements. Such distractions may include cell phone usage while operating a vehicle or eating while driving.

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