A 15-year old Bismarck teen was able to stock his family's freezer recently, after he hit a deer with his pickup and then got approval from the Bismarck Police Department to take the carcass home.

According to The Bismarck Tribune, the driver struck the deer near Bismarck State College Tuesday afternoon, May 3rd.

The deer wasn't killed in the accident, though it did break two of its legs. When officers from the Bismarck Police Department arrived on the scene, they determined that it was best to euthanize the animal.

It was only after the deer was dead that the teenage driver, who was unharmed in the accident, asked if he could take the carcass home. For those that are unaware, people in the state of North Dakota are allowed to bring home big game road kill, if they receive permission from law enforcement first. You can read more about that HERE.

The officers issued the driver a permit to load the carcass into his truck, providing his family with an unexpected bounty of meat.

So, the next time you strike a deer with your vehicle, remember that you can take the carcass home with you. All you need is permission from the police.

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