Scotty's Drive-In in Bismarck has a new dill pickle milkshake. We gave it a try!

You may have seen Scotty's Facebook post advertising their new dill pickle milkshake. Like many of you, I became super curious and had to try it.

I knew I probably wouldn't get my coworkers to try the strange concoction, so I told them we were going to taste test flavors. I blindfolded them and they had to guess the milkshake flavor. They tried chocolate, pistachio and dill pickle.

For obvious reasons, this frozen treat is not going to be everyone's favorite. However, one coworker liked the dill pickle milkshake!

Scotty's Drive-In is located at 210 N 21st St and remains one of the oldest and most beloved restaurants in Bismarck.

BONUS VIDEO: The Blindfold Milk Taste Test Challenge

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