Check your money carefully and make sure it's real. Counterfeit money has been spreading like crazy.

UPDATE 5/24/17: Bismarck Police announced they arrested a 37 year old man who passed a counterfeit bill. Police did not release his name though a 37 year old male named John O'Sullivan was booked into the Burleigh County Jail yesterday on forgery/counterfeit charges according to public records. It's not clear if he is the only individual passing around fake bills in the area.



On Monday May 22, the Bismarck Police Department said in a statement on their Facebook page, that they have taken 25 reports of counterfeit money in 2017 already when they had a total of just 16 reports for all of 2016.

Bills of all kinds of value have been passed around. It's important to note that counterfeit money can be spread around by accident. If a business does not realize that money they receive is fake, and you get that money back in change, all of a sudden you start passing around counterfeit money without even realizing it.

Earlier this month, the Bismarck Police Department posted to Facebook stating information about at least one of the counterfeit money cases.

Bismarck is not the only police department receiving reports of counterfeit bills though.

Back in February, the Mandan Police Department posted about a case to their Facebook page as well.

Business owners especially need to stay vigilant.

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