Don't "Sleep" on this! Summer is a time to get outside and have some fun. This is a Bismarck must-do.

The Theatre Park

If you've never been to the Sleepy Hollow Theatre & Arts Park, let me paint the picture for you. It's an outdoor theatre park, kind of like an amphitheater. You can bring your own lawn chairs and blankets (Don't forget the bug spray) and find your perfect spot on the grassy lawn, all while enjoying some wholesome entertainment. It's honestly really nice.


The Little Mermaid Jr.

"Little Mermaid Jr." is up first, taking place from July 14th through 23rd. This gives me all the feels. I've spent many summers in a pool (bathtub too), pretending I had a tail and was a beautiful mermaid like Ariel. Ahhh... those were blissful times. I'm ready to bask in some Little Mermaid nostalgia. I might already have set "Under the Sea" as my ringtone...

This one should be great for the kiddos, or really, the whole family. Not really sure how the actors will "Swim" across the stage, but boy am I excited to find out.

Legally Blonde

Now, this one is very near and dear to my heart. This was a movie I had on repeat growing up. Parts of my personality may have actually stemmed from this movie. I'm not going to lie, I could probably recite this entire thing word for word, and I'm probably not the only one. That said, I'm sure this will be their own adaptation of Legally Blonde, and won't be exactly like the movie. Hopefully we will still get to hear the "I want a hotdog real bad" line. Naturally, after hearing this news I immediately started Bending and Snapping all over the place. People are annoyed. It's fine.

This show will run from July 28th to August 6th.



What?... Like it's hard? You can already start purchasing tickets to the shows on Sleepy Hollow's website.



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