Legacy High School was evacuated on Monday due to a bomb threat. 

Police received a call that there had been a bomb threat at Legacy High School in Bismarck.  All students are safe and have been evacuated to a safe site. The F.B.I. has now joined Bismarck Police in the investigation.

One of the biggest concerns in this day and age is the safety of children at high schools and middle schools due to the violence that has previously happened around the country. The positive thing is that the response time to these potential tragedies is getting increasingly better and that's good news for these types of issues moving forward.

What is the cause of these tragedies? Is it guns, or is it policing mental Illness threats? I know there is a dialog happening in the press and with the marches over the weekend but take all politics aside, this could just be a byproduct of what has been happening in schools for decades now with the bullying and cliques. The difference now is that it seems some kids are willing to take things to the next level. Hopefully, parents can identify these issues at home before they lead to another tragedy.


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