There are many memories that life will bring you, the special ones that will sit comfortably in your mind, waiting to re-open when you want to visit "your happy place". Our younger years are filled with going to school for the very first time, the nervous feeling of leaving the safe haven of elementary school, on to the big leagues if you will - High School. This is where you usually encounter peer pressure, small groups of different types of kids - the jocks, the nerds, the brainiacs, the loners. Everyone though, in the back of their mind, thinks about the traditions - The football games, Homecoming, and of course The Prom. There is a good old-fashioned fairy tale that came true right here in Bismarck.

According to KFYRTV Legacy High School senior Abby Johnsrud has dreamed about attending that one special night since she was very young. Abby would quite often try on her mom's old prom dresses - looking into the mirror and imagining herself taking part in what is definitely a key moment in every young person's life. She shared her dream with her mom growing up, however, they both never truly thought it would play out. "Abby has been dreaming about prom since she was tiny,”  said Abby’s mom, Barbara Johnsrud. There were some issues involved that caused them to think that her dream would never happen - Money was one of them. Abby had said that they hardly had any money to pay for anything. The biggest obstacle of them all though was something that we should all take note of - Abby has autism.

Here is where courage, hope, and genuine love from others enter this amazing story - Autism makes it extremely difficult when it comes to making friends and facing big events, it can be very overwhelming. The staff from Legacy High School found out about Abby's money situation - they collected money to help pay for Abby’s dress and a little extra pampering. A prince charming was found, and the big weekend was coming up "They gave me a pedicure and it was so fancy, I felt so beautiful and I got to wear fake eyelashes for the first time" Abby said.

A perfect night for Abby and her mom, made possible by some real angels here in Bismarck. Life is about taking chances and facing things like Autism head-on - Abby stood tall and lived out her dream and Legacy proved that fairy tales do come true.


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