So this weekend coming up is going to be a pretty fun and interesting one in Mandan. 

It's called Buggies and Blues and it's the 25th anniversary!  So many things are happening during this event, I'll try to highlight the main ones.

The Classic car parade is going to happen on Saturday night starting at 8 pm and will run down 6th avenue and will continue east on the main street. I would be totally interested in this event, just to see what kind of machines they're going to roll out this year. I also heard through the grapevine that Butch Patrick ( Eddie Munster ) from the Munsters might be there with the Munster family Hotrod. I always thought that that car was a prop and not a real one ... I guess I was wrong.

The Planes and pancakes event on Sunday Morning is pretty interesting as well as the afternoon beer garden on Sunday in Dykshoorn park.

The Classic Car show happening on Sunday afternoon from 11-5 down the main street.

If you like classic cars or cars in general, It would be a great idea to check out this cool event in Mandan Next weekend.




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