It's Christmas season and while every commercial is trying to get you to buy stuff, where are the Tractors?

You see it every day, bows on Lexuses, people trying to wrap Buicks, the commercials really love to shove those luxury cars down your throat. You're in North Dakota though and you're a farmer. It would be cool if they gave a little love to the tractor, I mean its a cool vehicle and you can make money with it!

Now we know all about the Steiger Tractor out of Fargo so let's not go there.  Here's a couple of Badass tractors that could make for a nice bow in your driveway:

You can go Scania the modified tractor route:


Then there's the terror Tractor;


Then you got this one; the Ih Quadtrac 620  Talk about love!


That last one was pretty sick! I would love to see a bow on that one.

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