I guess I need to get out more.  The average North Dakotan spends over $2000 dollars every year of "happy hour" drinks.

To be exact, North Dakota workers each spent $2,122 (on average) in 2019 on after-work drinks, reveals research.

  • 1 in 3 workers think after work drinks is good for team bonding.
  • The average after-work drink session lasts 1.8 hours. 
  • 1 in 10 workers drink shots during after-work drinks.
  • Interactive map included.

It’s often a relief to knock back a drink or two after a long day at work, and as an added incentive, happy hour is usually from 4–6 p.m., coinciding perfectly with the end of the workday. After work-drinks are the perfect excuse to celebrate the end of a successful project or the start of a big one. And now that the Christmas party season is in full swing, one drink leads to two or three, and before you know it, you’ve bought a couple rounds for the entire office. Even if you only end up having a cocktail or two, when you look at your bank statement at the end of the month, it’s the small expenses that add up to surprising figures.

Now, if you were to add up just about anything you buy daily, you would probably be surprised how much you spend a year on that item.  Coffee, soda, water, etc.

Broken down across the country, Kentuckians were found to have spent the most - an average of over $5,530 per year on drinks after work, while Mainers spent the least at $1,415.  You can see a breakdown of how much Americans are spending on after-work drinks across the country with this interactive map:


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