This weekend is the Miss America pageant. or as they now call it, "competition." And for the first time, you won't see a swimsuit competition.

And once again, many folks are wonder if it's really worth the effort anymore.

In recent years we've seen the organizers attempting, not always successfully to walk that fine line between relevance and retaining the event's traditional Americana charm.

To even further besmirch the brand, the current Miss American, North Dakota's own Cara Mund has devoted her remaining days with the crown to accusing the organizers of intimidation and bullying.

A recent editorial by the Los Angeles Times sums up the Miss America issues rather well, asking the question: is it worth saving?

If they continue modernizing with a greater emphasis on talent and intelligence (not in itself a bad thing) they risk betraying the event's original charm.

But if they don't modernize, they risk a further slide into irrelevance.

My thought is this: embrace what you are. Stop apologizing for being a beauty pageant or whatever, and roll with it. Above all else, authenticity is key.

And bring back the swimsuits.

[Source L.A. Times]


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