So, I was driving down the strip in Mandan yesterday and I just happened to notice vehicle after vehicle driving with no sign of a license plate.  Not because they didn't have a license plate but because the snow was covering their existing plate.

It got the wheels turning in my head, wondering if this is any sort of an infraction in North Dakota.  Could you get pulled over for this and maybe even given a ticket for it?

Well, it's good to have connections.  My good friend is a former area law enforcement officer and he had the answer for me right away.  I have to admit, I was kind of surprised by his answer.

This is indeed a ticketable offense and could very well get you pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

This would fall under the North Dakota Century Code 39.04.11 "Failure to display number, plates, and tabs."

Not only could you see flashing lights in your rearview window if you're driving with a snow-covered license plate, but it cost you some money too.  It's punishable by up to $40 dollars and one point on your driving record.

I asked my friend if he had ever pulled over somebody for this infraction or given out a ticket.  He told me he's pulled over dozens over the years but he himself has never given out a ticket.  He would typically make the driver clean the license plate right then and there on the road.  Kind of embarrassing right?  Better than paying for a ticket I guess.

There you have it.  It is unlawful to drive around with snow covering up your plates in North Dakota.  I better go check mine.

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