This sounds like a bad idea.  Are you able to turn left on red in any situation?  Before we get to that, shouldn't we first try to educate a good share of the population in North Dakota that you can actually turn RIGHT on red?

It's crazy how many people don't seem to know this.  It never fails, you're in the right turn lane and you're in a hurry, the light is red and there's no traffic.  You want to honk at the yahoo in front of you for being frozen like a statue, but your good side wins out over road rage.  I'm serious, I bet half the population in Bismarck does not know that you can turn right on red.  Am I right?

Don't even get me going on the number of drivers in Bismarck Mandan that think a "blinker" is an optional accessory on their vehicle.  That drives me nuts, you wonder why people can't seem to figure out that they need to use their blinker when exiting a roundabout, let alone using that blinker to change lanes.  That's just way too much for drivers to handle I guess.

Then you have that person who is first in line at a stoplight.  They're obviously on their phone, doing their make-up or in la-la land, the light turns green and nothing.  Once again, you want to lay on the horn, what do you do?  Let me add that if you are first in line at a stoplight you have a civic duty to pay attention.

Okay, now that we got my driving pet peeves out of the way, can you actually turn left on red in North Dakota LEGALLY?  Believe it or not, you actually can under one condition.  According to Driving Laws, North Dakota drivers are allowed to make a left turn after stopping at a red light only from a one-way street onto another one-way street.

7th and 9th are the two main roads in the city that are one-way, and they do NOT intersect, so you will be unable to turn left on red in Bismarck legally.  Why don't we work on turning RIGHT on red first before we move up to something like that in the future?



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