We've all had that friend that just couldn't keep a secret. No matter how hard they try, they end up sneaking around telling people about your business. Fool me once- shame on YOU. Fool me twice- shame on ME. ProudCrowd the developer of the tracking app "Care19" appears to have moved into the "fool me once" phase of friendship.

Fast Company is a media business brand looking into a story that our tracking info from the COVID inspired Care19 App may be shared with the big boys like Foursquare and Google.

Care19 is an app brought to you by the same people who created the Bison Tracker app...which allowed NDSU fans to track other NDSU fans. (duh...you're all wearing green and yellow!)

Word has been getting around that maybe the Care19 app was not performing as well as hoped- The Wall Street Journal chats about that here.  They also chatted with North Dakotan Tim Brookins, one of the Care19 co-creators, and he said this:

The problem is you’re asking people to give up sensitive data. “Even if it is all anonymous and whatnot, they’re still concerned

That is the sound of a nail getting hit on the head. Especially when they said they wouldn't be sharing actionable consumer information. Here's the privacy policy.

However, they will not collect this data in a form that allows themselves or others to access or otherwise use this data.

and according to this report they did.

It's difficult enough to try to corral North Dakotans into anything...but fool us twice?

Good luck Care19!  Your heart and your mission are certainly in the right place.

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