Now I'm not saying North Dakota can proclaim we've put a wrap on the rascal that is COVID-19, but statistically, we're cautiously turning the corner in a number of crucial coronavirus statistics.

Turn right signal on country road

Great news because there was a time in last summer/early fall that our numbers were on the march. So, after having spending many months being sent to the principal's office, North Dakota now get's a hall pass and heads to the playground. According to survey site WalletHub, we're doing so well there may even be an extra juice box waiting for us.

Let's crunch some numbers and analyze some curves...(not like the banana curve- you can stop looking at that now).

North Dakota’s Safety During Coronavirus (1=Best; 25=Avg.):

  • 5th – Vaccination Rate
  • 2nd – Positive Testing Rate
  • 3rd – Hospitalization Rate
  • 3rd – Death Rate
  • 20th – Transmission Rate

Note: Rankings are based on data available as of 12:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, February 3, 2021.

The top 3 states listed in the survey are almost impossible to get to unless you were specifically going there to visit.
Yes, North Dakota meets that qualification, as do Hawaii and Alaska.  That's probably why we're the second safest state in the country!

Source: WalletHub
Here's the top five
2North Dakota79.48

Minnesota comes in at #10, South Dakota sneaks in at #16, and our other northern neighbor Montana is in at #25.  As you get closer to the least safe of us all, it's a slew of southern states with South Carolina and Alabama holding the bottom two positions.

I'm not going to dazzle you with a dearth of statistics that factor into how they figured this all out- but WalletHub will.  So feel free to dive into the research and analysis by clicking right here.

So after a sizeable stretch of leading the nation in "per capita infection rates", North Dakota eases back into our comfort zone- being a flyover state where everyone else just leaves us alone.

Keep staying safe y'all.

Other than being a remote outpost, here's other ways to boost your immune system.

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