Carson Wentz started off his 2016 rookie campaign on fire but looked a bit more like a rookie as the year progressed.

The Eagles Quarterback Coach is John DeFilippo, but Wentz has opted to seek some extra guidance outside of the Eagles' organization.

Fox Sports reports Wentz will now be working with Adam Dedeaux who believe it or not, was a minor league baseball pitcher for a short time period.

But Dedeaux has worked with Quarterbacks in the past and some of his past clients include the two play callers who will be competing head-to-head in this year's Super Bowl.

Dedeaux is not guaranteed to yield the next Super Bowl caliber quarterback however. Though he has worked with Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees, a trio of elite quarterbacks to appear in and/or win Super Bowls, Dedeaux's clientele also includes the avid church goer and pretend baseball player, Tim Tebow.

Wentz and the Eagles begin their 2017 campaign on Sept. 10.

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