According to the calendar, it is still summer, but with school back in session and cooler temperatures, it is starting to feel like fall.  Another sign that fall is close is all the sports going on right now.  High School sports have been going for a few weeks now.  Area colleges started their fall season too.  A big favorite, no matter where you live in North Dakota is the Bison.   The NDSU Bison football team opened up their football season today as did other colleges.

This Thursday is the return of the NFL.  And with fans allowed back in the stadiums, tailgating will happen with a huge variety of foods. And for those who just watch from their own living rooms or mancave style garages, football snacks are important.   Everyone has their favorite foods for the big game.  According to, North Dakota's favorite food is knoephla soup.  Also making the list is kuchen, hotdish, hot roast beef sandwich and lefse.  Thos are good foods, but maybe not for watching football.

I have a family member who makes brats for every football game.  Another family member prefers buffalo wings with ranch.  And let's not forget Cloverdale tangy summer sausage with cheese and crackers.  I like to make a pot of chili and sprinkle it with shredded cheese as I watch my favorite team play.

Some people do the easy route and just order in pizza and buffalo wings.  Many will fire up the grill and make burgers, steaks, brats or chicken.   No matter what your favorite may be, enjoy this football season.


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