We've seen the Eagles have fun touchdown celebrations before.

They've pretended to be on a baseball field a couple of times. Today, the Eagles took things indoors to the bowling alley.

Following an Alshon Jeffrey touchdown, Jeffrey's teammates lined up as bowling pins and Jeffrey bowled a perfect strike.

The pins weren't set up perfectly but it appeared as though Carson Wentz was the equivalent of the nine pin… the pin that is in the last row, second from the bowler's right.

Wentz was a very favorable nine pin also. He didn't wobble a little before barely falling down. Wentz went down with ease and almost tumbled completely backwards.

If only all bowling pins could fall with such ease at the bowling alley.

We all want Carson Wentz to be our quarterback. We now know we also all want Carson Wentz to be our nine pin.

This week's game which could be heard in its entirety on US 1033 in Bismarck, also had the audio of the Eagles' radio broadcasters getting a kick out of the celebration.

Below you can hear the full audio of the touchdown call.

In case the video above is removed from YouTube, Sunday Night Football on NBC also tweeted a gif of the celebration. Here is another gif on Twitter which better shows the 'full Wentz tumble.' ESPN.com also has a video.

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