A number of celebrity types are joining in the effort to get Native Americans out to vote, in North Dakota and elsewhere.

West Dakota Fox reports actors Mark Ruffalo and Shailene Woodly along with musician Dave Matthews are part of the Stand-and-Vote campaign.

Mr. Ruffalo and Ms. Woodley have been here before as part of the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Ms. Woodley was arrested at one point for her part in the protest. Dave Matthews visited Standing Rock recently to promote education on the reservation.

The campaign will include a Saturday concert by Dave Matthews on the Standing Rock Reservation. Mr. Ruffalo and comedian Auntie Beachress will also be in attendance.

Organizers say the campaign was inspired by the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the state's Voter ID Law. Many believe the ruling unfairly disenfranchises the Native American vote.

West Dakota Fox says "the concert will be livestreamed and tribal officials will be attending to provide required IDs. The concert will take place Saturday (10/27) at Prairie Knights Casino. For information click here.

Additional events will be scheduled at other reservations in the state.

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