Whoever made this bus stop advertisement for Bismarck State College made a BIG boo-boo:

Did you spot the grammatical error in the picture?

In case you are unaware of the error, the sign should say, "Your future's just a short ride away." Instead, it says, "You're future's just a short ride away." Why is "you're" incorrect? "You're" is incorrect because the ad says, "YOU ARE future's just a short ride away." Whereas "your" shows ownership of an individual's future.

I did not originally see this sign on my own. I actually saw the bus stop bench on a Facebook post, making fun of the error, and I had to see it for myself. The comments said the advertisement was at a bus stop near Fort Lincoln Elementary School. Sure enough, the bench is just beyond the four-way stop North of the school.

I once worked in a bookstore where we put up a misspelled sign.

As a freshman in college, I worked at my school's bookstore and a (sort of) similar situation happened on a graduation display. Oddly enough, the English Department set up a display with a sign that read, "Congrations, graduates!" Seriously. I was hoping someone would have noticed, but the sign sat there for days, unchanged. It was not until I brought it up to the bookstore manager that the sign got corrected to say "Congratulations, graduates!"

What is the funniest error you have ever seen on a sign?

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