A student brought a loaded gun to a Fargo elementary school.

Valley News Live reports that a student brought a loaded gun to a Fargo elementary school. After the student reportedly told their class they had a gun, the teacher was able to locate and confiscate the gun. There was a brief lockdown and the student was suspended.

Stories of guns being brought to North Dakota schools seem to be coming up frequently recently.

Back in October, a Hettinger Public School student shot themself while in front of students and a teacher. Last week, Valley News Live reported that a caller alerted the "Whistle Blower Hotline" that there would be a school shooting at "DL High School" (it was reportedly unclear if the call was meant for Devils Lake or Detroit Lakes). And, this week, we are talking about a student sharing with the class that they had a loaded handgun.

Gun violence in American schools is a problem.

As I should probably preface every gun story I write - I am pro-gun. But the fact that kids are bringing such dangerous weapons to school is highly alarming. Like, someone at home is not practicing proper gun safety if their kid is able to nonchalantly bring a gun to school. Lives can forever change by a single pull of the trigger - think of two big devastating and traumatizing instances like Columbine or Sandy Hook. This kind of situation needs to be taken seriously.

How do you feel about recent instances involving guns in North Dakota schools?

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