I noticed it right away when I came home from San Diego last Sunday. When I left a week ago last Thursday it was about 80 degrees, the sun still shining warmly on our faces. I took note that on my phone, it said we had a full day of rain on Saturday, obviously, a good sign, for the drought has just been awful.

Another full day yesterday, but this time the temps were giving us some indicators

How awesome was it that we were greeted with more rain yesterday, however, it's never pleasant trying to navigate through morning traffic, and I'm sure you have noticed a definite drop in the temperature? We are looking at maybe reaching a high of 69 on Sunday and a HIGH of only 47 next Wednesday.

I'm still committing the rookie North Dakota mistake by looking further into next week

One thing I have learned in the almost 8 years of living here is that the old saying "If you don't like the weather out here in North Dakota, then just wait a minute" is absolutely true. We easily watch temperature drops of sometimes 40 degrees in less than 24 hours sometimes.

Nothing is scarier than a tornado, you are completely out of control

There are many things caused by weather that terrify me, stranded in a white-out with bitterly cold conditions, an earthquake in California. Nothing though comes close to a twister, the raw power, the sound it makes, and even more horrendous is that it's 100% unpredictable. Check out what happened in Sargent County, near Crete, North Dakota yesterday. Can you imagine seeing that in person, coming towards you?


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