Is the 2016 terrifying insane clown panic (ICP) making a comeback in 2021?

It has been nearly five years since the insane clown craze that terrified the nation. There were several states reporting that creepy clowns were running around town. If you need a refresher on some of the stories, read about some of the scary stories that shocked America in 2016.

There has been a clown sighting in Annandale, Minnesota.

According to Fox 9 (Minnesota), the citizens of Annandale, Minnesota have been alerted about a person who is wandering the town, dressed up as a clown. It is reported that the townspeople have mixed reviews about the whole situation. While some say that they are scared of the clown, others believe the person is most likely harmless. Get the full story about all the "clowning around" in Annandale here.

While I am not afraid of clowns, it is understandable why people may be on edge over a random clown that wanders the town. I pretty vividly remember the insane clown panic (ICP) of 2016. I was living in Colorado, working in Castle Rock at the time. I cut a teenager's hair who told me that students were forbidden from dressing up as clowns for Halloween that year.

Then, do you remember what clownery happened in 2017? I will give you a hint: clown hysteria was reignited with the release of the new IT film. I moved back to North Dakota in the summer that year, and I was traveling to Fargo for work. One day, on the way home from work, I passed a sewer grate with a red balloon attached to it. I personally cracked up and was ecstatic that I got the opportunity to see that the craze made its way to North Dakota.

Do you think the clown in Annandale is a harmless or harmful presence?

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