Real life is already strange and surreal most of the time, and now is NOT the time for the United States to turn into one big E! Entertainment Network reality show. While I shamelessly love Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I do not think the White House is the best setting for the next four-to-eight seasons of the show. But Kanye West is really putting in an effort to be the next President of the United States.

If you thought Ye dropped out of the Presidential race, he is apparently back in the game. According to MPR News, Kanye West submitted paperwork and signatures on Tuesday (August 18), to get his name on the ballot and run as an independent in the Presidential election on November third. According to the New York Post, he is currently on the ballots in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Vermont. It is probably important to know that he also missed deadlines in other states to get on the ballot AND some states/ people are contesting his name on it. Get all that information from the New York Post here.

So, what did Yeezy need to do to get his name on the ballot? Since he is attempting to run as an independent in Minnesota, he had to get a minimum of 2,000 signatures. That's right, at least 2,000 people signed their names in order to put his name on the ballot. Read about the requirements to get your name on the ballot to run for President here.

Do you think Yeezus could actually become President?


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