This week we explore an underground sensation!  Susan's photo did a great description of that. 

One of the great things the Cool Photo contest does is explore great sites in the Bismarck Mandan area or under the area. Now I don't believe this tunnel is under anything in this area but it would be interesting if it was.

Susan's photo is of an underground tunnel that almost looks like a coal mine tunnel but I guess it could be used for anything.

She lives in Wilton and looks like she is very passionate about life and helping people. As I go through her Facebook, all I'm seeing is her trying to get dogs adopted and people found.  One of the other things that are pretty interesting is that she has a dog ice cream recipe and it looks pretty good for humans let along dogs.

So glad we have a caring spirit as a winner and I hope she has a great time with this Subway Platter.

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