Beginning on Friday, May 26, Cool 98.7 will be jamming out with an 'Awesome Mixtape Weekend!'

Beginning at 2pm Friday and going until 5pm on Monday, Cool 98.7 will play your favorite party hits from the 1970s. We've added songs to our playlist that you likely haven't heard on the radio in years and songs that you rarely if ever hear on the radio at all!

As you're out and about and maybe grilling in your backyard, be sure to listen to Cool 98.7 to hear these classic 70's jams that would fit perfectly on the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Don't forget that you can stream us as well if you aren't near a traditional FM radio.

And we of course cannot forget what Memorial Day is all about and we thank the service men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice in order to allow us to spend time with family and friends this weekend.


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