No, it's not two deer doing the tango, it's the cool photo of the week winner. 

Linda Fisher was in Northwest Bismarck when she saw this interesting photo opportunity.

As seen by the blurry background, she literally had no time to frame a shot but it came out good anyway.  I'm thinking this is some type of mating manoeuvre but it doesn't look like there is any evidence of it.

Maybe they were just happy to see each other after being apart for a long time...

Anyway, Linda gets some notoriety for the shot to go with the weird memory she will have for the rest of her life.

It almost looks like a dream someone would have after eating a grinder too late before bedtime. In that dream, the deers are probably saying something to each other like,

Hey Buck I haven't seen you in a while ... You know Charlie, yeah they shot him out in Medora and I heard the Peacock Alley is serving his steaks right now ... terrible.

Enjoy your platter, Linda!

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