Congrats to Dean Rummel who is the Cool Photo winner this week with his picturesque photo of an Eagle getting breakfast. 

One of the things I was always scared about when I moved here is the possibility of an Eagle swooping down and attacking people.  Obviously, that's a joke, they don't do that, especially in this town, but it was cool to see this photograph and admire the beauty of this animal from a bird's eye view.

Dean Rummel is from Dickenson, which is not far from the Medora Badlands, where nature roams out in the open.

It was also great to see his tribute to Cowboy Lyle Glass on his Facebook page which tells me this guy has some pretty good taste as well as great photos of the guy.

So congratulations Dean! this Subway Platter goes to you this week, hope you enjoy it like we enjoyed your art today!






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