Lately we have been hearing about Covid booster shots.  Both Moderna and Pfizer are suggesting a booster shot for everyone, especially those with compromised immune systems and the elderly.

Since I am Miss Compromised Immunity, I made a mental note to contact my oncologist and primary care provider to get their opinions on whether or not I should get it.   I did get the first 2 shots in January and February.  Both agreed that given my health status I should.

Wednesday I get a notification in my Sanford My Chart, "as an immune compromised person, a 3rd Covid shot is recommended, please call ###-#### to set up an appointment".   Thirty minutes later my cell phone buzzes with a text message.  It is the same message.   Obviously I need to get this shot, so I called my primary care provider and set up an appointment.

Thursday I went in and the Moderna vaccine, the kind I had previously, call it  third shot or booster.  My arm still hurts but I feel good.

I  run into people who say that Covid is a made up pandemic.  Others have said they don't know anyone that has or had it. OK, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether they believe and want the vaccine or don't believe and refuse the shot and masking.

With positive cases on the rise once again, getting a 3rd shot or booster is something that should be considered, especially if you are immune compromised.

I beat Ovarian cancer once, hoping to beat this round too.  I am not about to be taken down my a virus that sounds like a beer.

To dose or not dose....that is your decision.


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