Those opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline have been protesting consistently since early August.

In that time span, at times things have escalated and of course many people have been arrested.

On Monday, The North Dakota Joint Information Center released the latest data with regards to the pipeline protests including what it has cost taxpayers among many other statistics.

According to the breakdown which was posted on North Dakota's new emergency response website, the cost to taxpayers so far nearly $33 million.

There has been $25 million that was allocated to personnel salaries, an additional $3.6 million in personnel support (such as providing lodging for emergency responders), and $4.3 million went to equipment including cold weather gear and radios.

There have been a total of 102 different agencies across the state of North Dakota that have provided assistance. Nine additional states, including an additional 33 agencies also provided help.

There have been 620 arrests made so far. Over 90 percent of those arrested are not from North Dakota. Check out more details at

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