A man was arrested today (July, 29th) after a deadly shooting took place in Glen Ullin.

The suspected shooter was identified as Tyler Raines from Hauge, North Dakota. You might be surprised to hear that Raines is only 19-years-old.

The Morton County Sheriff's Department arrested Raines earlier today (July, 29th) in the early morning hours.

The Incident

The identity of the victim, has not yet been released. We know the victim was 26-years-old. According to KFYR News, the two men got into an altercation that quickly escalated into a shooting and homicide.

Currently, we do not know what the two men were fighting about nor how they knew each other.

According to KFGO, the incident occurred at a motel off Highway 49 in Glen Ullin.

Previous Records

Court records show that Raines had gotten several citations over the years, ranging from possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana to traffic. While that is something to note, it is quite a leap from traffic citations and a misdemeanor to murder.

Bail & Court Appearances

Raines' bail hasn't yet been set, and trial dates aren't yet scheduled. That information should become available within the next few days. Raines is being held at the Burleigh-Morton Detention Center.

Little is known at this time; look for updates in the coming days.

A Troubling Thing In Our Community

This is certainly something we hate hearing about. I can't imagine what the victim's family is going through. We hope justice is served for the victim's family, and friends and thank law enforcement for keeping our community safe.

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