Mistakes happen, but at some point what is the right way to handle the issue when it happens to you? Here are some thoughts.

I received a pizza delivery on a day when the weather was terrible, almost blizzard-like. One of the things I remember from the experience was that I ordered two waters but only received one. I didn't know what to say to the delivery driver who seemed like a pretty cool guy, but I kinda paid for two waters, so I had to send him back to get the other water which he happily did.

I felt like a jerk since the weather was bad but really didn't know how to handle the situation properly because I did pay for it.  Maybe I should've let it go and not tipped the guy. Maybe I should've just dealt with it and had one less water to drink (nah).

I think the problem fixed itself because he did go back and get the water. I did tip him and gave him a t-shirt. I am curious about how you would've handled it. So I put together a poll:

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