It's the law for a reason. However, there are still several North Dakotans that don't always follow it.

According to a report from North Dakota State University's Upper Great Plains Institute, an estimated 80.4 percent of drivers and 87.3 percent of passengers in the front-seat wear their seat belt. The total between those numbers comes to 82.8 percent usage and is well below the national average of 88.5 percent over the past year.

In 2016, of 110 North Dakota fatalities, 51 of them were not wearing a seat belt. This number is down from the 65 out of 124 total fatalities that were not wearing a seat belt. This statistic is according to NDDOT.

Maybe for New Year's, make a resolution to be safer on the roads and always buckle up, or you could just do it since it's the law.

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