The following cases have been labeled as 'cold' by local law enforcement agencies and the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

While the leads have gone cold, these are still active investigations, so records/additional information is closed to the public.

What Makes It A 'Cold Case?'

'Cold' doesn't mean closed, or that law enforcement agencies have given up on the case. According to to North Dakota Attorney General's website, there is a specific list of criteria for a case to be classified as "cold.'

The Cold Case Unit looks at whether or not there is new evidence, if the existing evidence has been subjected to all new and advanced forensic technology, if there is/was enough evidence to file charges against the suspects previously identified in the case, and/or if there is new information available.



Some of this content may not be suitable for children and contain details you find disturbing.

Some of these cases date all the way back to the 1970's, and are as recent as the 2000's. We’ll start from the oldest case to the most recent.

10 Of North Dakota's Homicide Cases Gone Cold

These homicide cases currently have no leads.

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

Justice For Friends & Families

To the families and those affected, I hope you see justice for your loved one(s) and gain closure. Anyone who has details on these cases should reach out to the proper authorities.

Please do not call any law enforcement organizations with false information. If however, you do have helpful tips or information, report it to the proper authorities.



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