North Dakota lawmaker pleads guilty to DUI in April.

According to Inforum, Representative Scott Louser changed his plea to "guilty" for driving under the influence. In April, he was reportedly pulled over between Bismarck and Mandan for suspicion of drunk driving. If you have seen Louser's punishment, you may be thinking, "Another 'upstanding' state leader is getting off easy." Here's the thing: HE'S NOT GETTING OFF EASY.

The potential punishment for DUIs is not all that intense in North Dakota.

This DUI was reportedly Representative Louser's first one. And according to North Dakota law, the representative's punishment -10 days in jail suspended, 360 days unsupervised probation, and $750 in fines - fits the crime. In fact, the first three DUIs on a person's record, are each considered misdemeanors with "slap on the wrist" punishments. The fourth infraction is not that harsh either. Mind. Blown.

Why are the penalties for DUIs seemingly light?

I understand that people make mistakes, but drunk driving kills people. While there are harsher punishments for DUI incidents involving injuries or death, the crime should be taken more seriously.

In North Dakota, the penalty for selling marijuana is harsher than for driving while intoxicated.

According to NORML, a person can face 3-10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines for selling so much as a marijuana joint. In order to for a drunk driver to get a punishment nearly that harsh, the driver would need to injure someone. Does that blow your mind?

North Dakota's DUI laws show that alcohol-related crime needs to be taken more seriously. The current laws almost look like a badge of honor for North Dakota taking the title of "Drunkest State."

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