Last month while surfing The Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook page I came across this mini-controversy...

I make this pretty much a daily routine for me, once again I feel like I'm catching up on what's going on in Bismarck and Mandan. If you find yourself new to social media, OR Facebook, check out BPRN - for most of you that are already familiar with this colorful source ( I call it that for several reasons ) you know just how entertaining it could be when you have people voicing their opinions. Sometimes though it can lead to a few people that seem to love to "stir the pot" - then of course we read a volley of back-and-forth negative jabs towards each other, and we don't need that ( usually a moderator from BPRN will put an end to the bickering if it becomes too hostile )

Have you found yourself at Rosser and 9th street wondering the same thing?

I was just talking about this the other day to a friend of mine, and someone brought it up this morning - "Why was there a left-turn green light installed there?" - 9th street is a ONE-WAY street. That question was innocently brought up which in return ignited several answers, mostly bashing older drivers, and some even pointed out the lack of knowledge it took JUST to ask the question. So I guess to sum it all up, the ONLY controversy is from the snide comments fired back to those that responded. Me, I don't quite understand WHY drivers would be stumped, the extra light hopefully tips off those behind you who might not stop, when you are wanting to turn left. Simple, right?

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